Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another Day In Paradox.

"Another Day In Paradox"

For someone so genuine, I can feel so fake.
For one so ambitious, I still shy from fate.
I have known madness for sanity's sake.
I can be early...arriving so late.

I can be one person...ditto the world.
I can talk all day and not mean a word.
External boy meets internal girl,
Joy after hurt, Sky becomes bird.

Can you lose patience waiting for nothing?
Looking back, can you see ahead?
Can you find truth while sleeping gods lie?
Could it be life that scares you to death?

It's like being knifed in the back when all you want is to spoon in your bed.
It's finding a fork in the road when all you want is to walk the path of absolute Oneness.
Is it all in yOUR head, Oh alien Goddess?

It's like smoking the weed found in a field full of flowers.
It's You knowing Eternity in a single short hOUR.

I feel most like a man when I allow myself to be held at all.
I feel my most feminine when catching, throwing or kicking a ball.
I feel my most wise when I AM still...and at my most stupid when speaking.
I can lose myself in music yet find myself in silence.
In a world seeking violence...I AM a Peace seeking You.

To see in the dark...become the Light.
No matter who is wrong, everyONE's right.
Choose your thoughts before thinking your choice.
Enjoy the pain...regain...rejoice.

I see a stranger in the mirror yet can walk around a city of a million people and see my many faces reflected.
I can feel so alone in a roomful of people yet feel so loved whilst watching a sunrise on my own undetected.
By day I can wander around aimlessly as if within a dream yet be ONEdrously lucid whilst asleep at night.

To understand Light, I've created shadow.
To comprehend Hope, I've invented sorrow.
Time is free and never borrowed,
Today is yesterday's unfolding tomorrow.

My friends exist in memories not yet created.
Photos from the future...images now faded.
I accept everything I had once truly hated.
I have nothing, yet...I have made it.

An angel in hell, Do you ever feel...
you're everywhere at once,
yet now-here at all?
Would you know summer,
Could you rise up,
Without the winter,
without the fall?

It's tasting the sweet within the sour.
It's finding the lion behind the mask of a coward.
I AM One...Being...the all.
...the echo creating the original call.

To live in the moment, turn away from the clocks.
A singular feather, as one as a flock.
We'll come together to gather, to welcome...
Another day in Paradox.


Written : November 2004
By Another Point of You...

ps(st) -

"In order to transcend Duality...One must firstly immerse one's self in it...

To fly above the ground...one must firstly take off from the ground.

...and to know ONEness, 'One' must have once been the many."

[the answer to Life is a pair'o'ducks...quack quack]

"The way of paradoxes is the way of truth."
~ Oscar Wilde (1856-1900, British Author)


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