Monday, November 08, 2004

Birds Of All Feathers Are One Together.

The Phoenix, The Dove & The Dodo.

One day a Dodo bird was 'imprisoned' within a cage for harming another. Why did he harm another? Because he still believed in the illusion of separation. If he only knew that he & the other birds of his flock were ONE, would he have consciously set out to harm him/their/The One Self?

Now, why did this Dodo bird still believe in the illusion of separation? Because it was a belief upheld (& therefore perpetuated) by, the rest of the flock. As go one, so go All.

The Dodo bird's cage was and is, a strong symbolic representation, thereby hence creating an actual physical manifestation of his belief that he is separate. It is also symbolic of that flock's belief that this one bird is not a part of Itself. One might call this state of affairs - A loop of blind tragedy.

Yes this 'cage' is necessary to prove a point - If this be the choice of All involved. However it takes but one bird to wake up and fly for the self-created 'cage' to disintegrate into the illusion that it essentially is.

Two day, a Dove awoke and sang in jubilant joy at the revelation that it existed purely to recognise, appreciate & unconditionally love its Self - (the 'other' birds of its flock).

She understood that as she healed, the flock also healed. When she danced, the flock danced. And when she evolved, the flock collective evolved. As go one, so go All.

When she helped another, she knew at a deeply profound level, that she was in fact helping her Self. As she 'counselled' another, that advice & compassion invariably came back to her through her Self. She understood that 'All is a reflection of one is a reflection of the All'.

Day Three, and The One Phoenix bird was simply being...Its Self. This grand & majestic being comprised of many 'parts'. Miraculously, each of its 'single' parts was also a complete Whole unto Itself. As go one, so go ('another') All.

It was a poetic as well as literal example of Infinity, in all directions.

In this flock, only Freedom is known. When one knows only freedom, cages are no longer necessary. When one unconditionally loves The Self, 'imprisonment' is impossible. And when one becomes The One (without losing its sense of 'YOUniqueness')...the illusion of separation, confusion, anger, jealousy, hate, fear, pain & greed, etc etc etc, shatters into a thousand crumbled ruins of an old paradigm.

BUT......and there's a necessary ending (or is it a 'beginning'?) to this 'flighty' parable.

The freedom of the Phoenix DEPENDS on the caging of the Dodo.

Each variable is invariably an invaluable part of the process.

The decision we now face at this crucial time is this: Which 'bird' do we want to be? Which bird will we become?

There is no right or wrong answer...There is only, a simple Choice.

'cuckoo cuckoo':

"To be free of the cage, Know that you are that which imprisons you...Then, you shall fly."


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