Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Have...

"I Have"

Have you ever woken up before your memory has kicked in and wondered who on earth you are? Have you ever woken up regardless and thought the very same thing? Have you ever even woken up at all?

Have you ever considered that each attachment you have in this world, is but an anchor to your soul? Tying you down to this Wheel Of Samsara - of quick satisfaction and unbalanced karma?

Have you ever felt like the bright balloon held onto without mercy by that little, fat, greedy child?

Have you? Have you?

Have you ever sat in the front carriage of a runaway locomotive, feeding on the fuel of a beautiful fool? - thinking, 'This is it - I have arrived, this applause I hear is what keeps me alive.' A plastic adjective in a plastic life, surrounded by people who fed you this lie?

Have you ever thought of sacrificing everything you're not, to be completely and totally, everything you are? Have you ever thought your destiny was to be a different kind of star?

Have you? Have you?

Have you ever cried after you've come? Have you ever lied after they've left? To yourself? To your heart? Have you perhaps overplayed your 'victim' part?

Have you ever smiled when you were sad? Held up your head when you were had? Thought you were nearly at the end, when it was just the second bend? Have you ever thought there's more, without walking out the door?

Have you? Have you?

Have you ever faced yourself in your reflection and reflected on the Self behind your face? Ever watched the tears roll down your cheek, into your mouth and liked the taste? Ever caught yourself repeating the very words that you despise, closing off your senses and stifling your cries?

Have you? Have you?

Have you ever known what's next, in the middle of loveless sex?

Have you ever? Have you never, f****** ever???

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the day after sleeping for twenty-nine years, and thanked your Self for finally remembering why you're here?

Have you my dear?

Well, Have you???


Written : January 28 & 29, 2001.
By Another Point of You : OM...