Saturday, October 02, 2004



I stayed for centuries due to my cravings,
Was bound by Earth's gravity ~ I lived the Illusion.
I became asleep when I was born as human,
Though somewhere in here, This dream became lucid.

I choose to be conscious wherever I'll be.
Always alive in whichever reality.
There is no death and there is no end.
There is only Light, again and again.

And Light is Love, Wisdom and Bliss,
As God is the reader, and writer of this.
I never left for I hardly arrived,
I AM the exhale of breath, in your infinite sigh.

You have only seen a facet,
of the diamond that I AM.
You have only lived a fraction,
of the magick that you can.

I AM truly awake when my body's asleep.
I AM more than alive as you grieve and you weep.
You do not see...this song that I dance.
Your sadness, your own...A beautiful ignorance.

I am not separate, apart nor removed.
I AM your faith, your invisible proof.
I AM the tunnel and I AM the Light.
I AM the Angel in the dead of night.

I do adore this crazy realm of veils and hidden meaning.
Where one can be afraid as they lay there numb and bleeding.
It's all a part of being whole-y, of being here, of being human.
It's loving all that which is solely,
The heart of man, and every woman.

This is a greeting from beyond,
A HALO from the other side.
Interchangeable, reciprocal terms,
As you see death, so I see Life.

Home is here and Home is now,
hOMe is wherever I may be.
Speaking from within The Dream,
Mission accomplished, exquisitely.

I am only ever dead in your mind and nowhere else.
You will someday see the Light,
when all eyes around you melt...
into one, great, seeing sphere,
The Divine ONE, All-knowing I.
Reconsider how you live,
Reconsider how you shall 'die'.


Written : July 20, 2002
By Another Point of You : OM...