Tuesday, December 14, 2004



Like the rays of Hunab Ku taking thousands of years to reach our earthean eyes,
So too being heard by a billion ears is the approaching Universal Megamix of Light.
The invitations have been written, and are about to be sent out.
Raise your heartbeats per the minute,
Only the resonant are allowed.

Two thousand, ten years and thirty-six months,
Join in the Cosmic Dance with Maya, our partner sun.
The Photon Band's arrived and is the first act billed to play,
as the eternal Galactic Night turns into Eternal Day.

In the music of the spheres, we all possess an instrument,
in the Great Orchestral Symphony in the sky.
Have nothing to fear. Cast away your judgement.
Welcome the new Epiphany. There is Life after you die.

Show yourselves. Expose yourselves - there'll be no need for masks.
Fulfill whatever is your task, whatever that may be.
Uplift your humankind in whatever field you've chosen,
Whether that may be through Words - written, sung or spoken.

Manifest what you have learnt, then give it back en masse,
Synchronize yOUR Soul with the grand galactic flash.
The posters are up, Let darkness give up,
The only way for us is Up.

Let the bass kick in - The Party's started.
Don't live your life with soul half-hearted.
Dance with yOUR World.
Dance with yOUR Selves.

In the great Cosmic Dance Party...
Twenty Twelve.



To Infinity & Beyond!
Blessed Be ONE'in'All.

Written : 02/02/2000
By Another Point of You : OM...

*"CDP:2012" - Later included on the site :

Hunab Ku:

Popularized by Jose Arguelles in his esoteric 1987 book 'The Mayan Factor', the "Hunab Ku" symbol is associated with the Milky Way (the Galactic Center, or 'Galactic Butterfly') and the god Hunab Ku. It has evolved into a circular motif evoking a yin and yang symbol as well as a spiral galaxy. It has become associated with Mayanism.

The Maya believed in harmonic resonance. All of life’s cycles and passages are woven on what they called “Loom of Maya,” or this yin-yang shaped galactic core - the Hunab Ku. It is the “Lord” that ushers us all through passages between worlds. To Andean people the Mayu or Milky Way acted as an axis and a map telling them not only where they are, but also who they are.

Amazingly enough, Dr. Scott Hyman of Sweet Briar College has been recording energetic radio emissions from the center of our Milky Way. He and other astronomers have verified a “whirling disk” there — a Black Hole swallowing and giving birth to new stars.

John Major Jenkins writes about this massive black hole in his 'Maya Cosmogenesis 2012' : “Something very profound and mysterious is going on here. Is it just a coincidence that lurking deep within the dark-rift ‘black hole’ is the very real Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy? If not a coincidence, the dark-rift itself might indeed be the surface signifier of deeper cosmic mysteries, ones that the Maya were well aware of.”

Most people view time today as being linear, not cyclical. Even though the early Mayans believed there was a beginning and an end to all things, they also believed time originates out of Hunab Ku - the god of cycles, new beginnings & endings (albeit on a higher octave). We live on a spiral, not on a line. On the Solstice of December 21st, 2012 at exactly 11:11 Universal Time, our Sun will align, precisely, with the Hunab Ku and the spiral may pulse a new energy into our fields. These energetic outbursts may cause severe weather, earth changes, cultural upheavals. Look around. It is already happening. Yet the message of this Galactic Archetype seems to be telling us that life will go on.

We are about to move into what Mayans called the Age of Itza, the Age of Consciousness. We need not succumb to apocalyptic fever, but we can take advantage of using archetypes and images for staying calm and balanced while we enjoy our front row seats for the coming Hunab Ku. We can choose to pass through this great moment together, not mired in confusion and fear, but filled with grace and love...

Another (a-MAYA-zing) Point of You : OMnitheus ONEironaut



Today for an hour of eternity, my heart blossomed to the size of a universe.
And I realized within that instant - the supreme state of being of which we have termed God.
I married my Yin into the arms of my Yang, and fell to my knees as the galaxies sang.
I witnessed Creation and bowed to Destruction and saw that my World was a Star in construction.

I endured the elegant death of the false and aligned my Being with the abSOULute Pulse.
I cry with joy for the girl and the boy, who hold hands forever in my crystalized ether.
I AM THAT I AM, and am not what I think, for the Truth is formless, thoughtless and wordless.
It is felt for a moment but its effects are eternal.
Love is the path from within to external.
I AM the ink and I AM the pen.
I AM the gold at the rainbow's end.

O, to be an awakened firefly in a forest of fear,
and to taste the rain of heaven in a human tear.
To surrender completely.
To remember so vividly.
To demolish all walls which hold us separate.

As I purr in this park at perfection in bloom.
I care not about 'then', nor 'before', nor 'soon'.
I simply AM without definition.
To label this state is to court limitation.

A cloud is not that,
It is 'I' in the sky.
A sky is not that,
It is the inside of I.
Things simply are...an atom or star.
I AM simply between the near and the far.
I came to this plane with a gift and a curse.
I am body and mind but am Spirit first.
...the birth of my planet,
the death of my father...
It all happens in the blink of an I.
The wind in the trees, the laughter which frees,
It can all be found in my grateful sigh.

The Universe floats within a particle of dust,
which itself sits upon an F-sharp key,
of an old grand piano in the back of a shop,
within a world so completely incomprehensible to me.
A second there is ten centuries here, though their love between brothers,
is as it is here.

You never end and I never begin.
There is no saviour and there is no sin.
There is only what is, right here and now.
I AM Lucifer's grace.
I AM the Sacred Cow.
I AM the Angel of hope,
A Magickal peace.
I AM starlight on dark nights, the food of the feast.
There is no distinction between idol and fan,
I AM all that I'm not.
I AM all That I AM.

I AM the Master who bows down to the slave.
I AM the Pharaoh asleep in the grave.
I'm the eyes and the ears and the face of the Lord.
I am rendered dysfunctional in the nickname of God.
I AM Love, the Lover, and the Beloved.
I AM that which you've lost, and all you've recovered.

Stop...for a lifetime.
Live for a moment.
Step out of the mind,
Embrace innocence.

The deep peace that hath no opposite can only be realized,
It cannot be described.
These words are just fingers,
which only point to the Light.
You are the obstruction within your own sight.

Today I wept without constraint for what seemed like a second - Your time.
I felt the YOUniverse tremble within,
my heart within my heart within.
These words are useless but they're all that I have.
Your brain is pointless but it's all that I have.
I shall chip away at your self and your mind,
until all that is physical is spiritual-eyes'd.
All who doth hurt shall be healed by One Heart.
All who are blind shall be given their sight.
Outstretch your wings!
and fly with me,
through ONEdrous realms of fantasy.

O Dragonfly my OM,
Your journey,
Our home.
A Divine Destiny awaits yOUR ecstatic Soul.

Embrace all that is You,
which is all that you see.
There is nothing to 'do',
Just simply BE.

An internal instant this has been.
Of radical omniscience I hereby glean.
Effulgence of all I truly see.
Oneness resplendent...I AM thee.


EternalinstanT was written on Thursday the 9th of August, 2001. It was a beautifully windy & sunny day in St. Kilda Park - Melbourne, Australia. I wrote it whilst sitting up against a tree, facing the early afternoon sun. A lone, male guitarist was sitting a hundred metres to my right, and an invisible bongo player was somewhere to my left. From where I was, I was blessed to hear the marriage between melody and beat. And funnily enough, on that gorgeous day in the sun, everything fused together perfectly.

As I began to write the poem, I was just coming out of an incredible experience: An indescribably intense, grand opening of my Heart Center, which lasted for almost a full hour (our time).

I BECAME Total Love & Compassion, and my little, physical 3D human body was just barely coping. My emotions reacted the only way they knew how to - by sobbing uncontrollably with absolute joy, gratitude and ONEder.

It was Cosmic Energy in motion, pure Poetry in effect. It was purifying. It was magical.

It was.

Another Point of You : OM...