Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I To I

I know now highly likely
the YOUniverse reflects my thoughts
Transcendence now completed
of that which I've been taught
Dazzling colour spinning
My sacred chakra seven
Every thing forgiven even
Hitler sighs in Heaven

Conversing with the Self
Spirit travelling, never ends
All cells united smile
inside a dream of play-pretend
Fountain being simply
Washing naked nice within me
Tears return to wisdom
So revealed and tenderly

Vicitms are not welcome
in this star of many skies
Sleepwalk do I seldom
as consciously I fly
My next face will be blinding
The next phase has begun
So let it shall be written
No sooner thought than done

How can I want and yearn
when I have all that I can need
Death comes no more upon the door
of the One whose both hands bleed

Nothing is the same
though nothing much has changed
The more I know and own
The less I have to say...
The less I have to 'do'
The less I have to prove
The less I fear my Self
The more darkness is removed

Dolphin sparkle water
Glitter Storm I be
Ascendant I AM rising
to claim all that is Me

I to I communion
Alive within my Mind
'I' give my Self a rainbow
A wink - a cosmic sign

Clouds and clouds
A candy world
A life of beauty-bliss
Absolute and beaming
I created All of this

Finis De La Crucifer

To begin with, I shall begin...
with, Who won upon all time?
A fairy's tale, humanity's truth,
A rhyme I must divine.
Fear not, I appeal to the Soul within thee,
with permission to bypass the personality.
To live the Now, to understand how,
I offer thou, thine our-story.

With Adam equalling Intellect,
and Eve - Intuition,
I wish to throw a purer light,
on the story of Creation.
A story of self-empowerment,
NOT evil, fear and judgement.
Of following through our Destiny,
Of fulfilling the original Covenant.

We shall now cross live to a garden called Eden,
where 'a' is for apple - a wisdom forbidden.
Lucifer's serpent (the tail end of God)
is telling our Eve to partake of the fruit:
"Your eyes will be opened, you will be as God,
knowing good and evil - aware and astute.
Here be a choice, your free will, my gift.
To accept will effect an illusory rift,
between you and I, myself and our maker.
Don't succumb to the veils, or be judge and hater.
I shall represent Darkness, by defining the Light.
I'll answer your prayers in the cold of night.
By my very existence, your quest to evolve,
to choose right or wrong, will be yours to make.
I am not to be feared, nor also revered.
I seek to be loved...for Heaven's sake."

Intuition took a chance behind Intellect's back,
despite the impending wrath of the Church's attack.
The two left the Garden, hand in hand,
Head over heels - Eve, and her man.
For Humanity she did what she 'knew' to do.
A deal with the devil - their intentions true.
Heaven's Below.
Heaven's Above.
Every Thing is...An expression of Love.

Nineteen forty-seven, Nineteen ninety-six,
World War IV will be with stones and sticks.
Twenty 'pebbles' pounding Jupiter's face,
indicates now that we're winning this race.

As a Bedouin boy breaks your heart,
he chances across a Dead Sea Scroll.
You'll be contained therein - a Biblical start.
If thy Will be aligned with thine global goal.

'Tis the definitive work - this great sealed book.
In future tense, the coded knew,
whose name is there and how to look,
within the verse to find the truth.

Write yourself in, 'tis not too late.
Eternity rides on this one decade.
Captain your Soul, rewrite your fate.
Lift the world now with your own crusade.

Yesterday I felt mortal, Today I know not sin,
Before Tomorrow comes, let me ask you this,
Where is it that I end, and where do you begin?
The answer's sealed in love...
...with an electron karma kiss.

Polarities, singularities, 'Tis now Two-thousand and One.
Centuries, An Odyssey, A second to none.
I am discarding my role to uncover my Soul.
The rainbow ends here in my loveheart of gold.
I explore my Self to discover my World,
where my external boy holds my internal girl.

As I sat in thought in front - of a fire one starry night,
Entranced by the dance of a salamander's flight,
I realized how worthless,
would be the warmth of the flames,
If the cold did not exist,
If ice had not a name.
I embrace and transmute,
the Yin with the Yang,
and experience my version,
of a cosmic big bang.

Paradoxes, Miracles - Definitions made manifest,
Playing in a school where WE designed the tests.
Welcome the grain of sand,
in the oyster of your universe.
For the pearls of wisdom lie,
in the words of your own verse.
ONEness is inclusive - Separation is exclusive...
We witness Acts of God every second of our lives.
If the Path leads you to solitude,
Alone, alive, reclusive,
Be prepared to meet The One,
living through You all your lives.

Open your heart chakra - To know, to see,
That You hold the lock, and You turn the key.
The time is near, Every second so dear.
Being the Human that you were destined to be,
Is to embrace ALL sides in your violet fire.
Feel not guilt over any desire,
It's your path to the Light,
To Choose is your right.
Now open your wings,
And fly out of sight!

...of this third-dimensional reality,
of any impending catastrophe.

Free your Self, from all delusion.
And Transcend...all this illusion.

On the Eve of your ascent,
I shall meet you at the door,
Where I hereby, wholly crucify...
My Lucifer no more.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Tourist Is Your Soul

I awoke one particular morning,
and felt the desperate urge to pen this cryptic message.
Dumbfounded by its simplicity,
Confounded by its complexity,
I wrote it with shaking hands:

It's what we all do - we travel,
on land, on water, through people,
through lives, through love, through time:

The most beautiful of beginnings will come soon...
Collapse your self.
Forgive the past and choose your role:

It was whispered to me on a soft morning breeze,
The age of harmony is setting in.
Let the Divine Sun shine,
'Tis the Universal goal:

Friday, October 07, 2005

An Untitled Peace

It was no ordinary feeling.

Within my peripheral vision glowed a light so incandescent, so warm and so pure that initially, it almost distracted me from my duties. Like a dream with no obvious plot, yet the director's instructions are present in your mind via telepathic means. The shell of my being worked mechanically and methodically. The consciousness of my spirit remained confused and awestruck. I innately understood what it was I had to do.

It was no ordinary view.

Celestial bodies floated by with the grandeur of an operatic masterpiece. Vast expanses of time, space and matter gently glided past like elegant white swans against a black, thunderous sky. The fingers of my being were long, wise and hauntingly beautiful. There seemed to be a tone that accompanied the scene but recalling it would be far too ambitious for my humble, mortal, human self.

Will I ever know Why? Who? Where? When? What?:
Parallel self? Previous incarnation? Future incarnation? Linked alien soul? Dream? Reality? Dimension slip? Simultaneous alternate universe?

The mystery of the aforementioned lies not where my consciousness is now and where I was, but rather, whether this is the lesser reality where I now am...?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Remember Us

As you tenderly kissed my forehead,
I received flashbacks of a final, sad farewell.
It took place at an unknown European train station,
atop a smoky and dimly lit stairwell.

The feelings were too intense,
to be the workings of just my imagination.
My emotions were so great,
It demands my serious consideration.

Fate ordered our union a must.
Whether it be in the past or the future, I know this.
As our souls continue on, our bodies turn to dust,
for within the deepest heart of my memory...
I remember us.

You promised you'd find me again,
in that time so far away.
But after you left, I stood there,
and watched in silence, as your train pulled away.

For many endless nights, our pillow soaked my tears,
and every telegram, every call,
played cruelly with my fears.
You were dead and gone,
far removed from this dimension,
but I had faith I'd find you somewhere,
in this constellation.

Although the circumstance is different,
we're finally reunited.
And we soon enough discovered,
how futile it was to fight it.

It explains our instant and powerful attraction,
the deepness and strength of our love.
The initial meeting and our consequential reactions,
the merging of our souls - our previous bodies, dust.
I remember you. I remember then. I remember us.