Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Three Points Of You

As I step into the lift from the 27th floor,
I see his & her reflections in the mirrored door.
I watch my own face compared with two angels,
Perceiving one space via various angles.

Projecting my innocence outside of myself,
The world as my oyster, too young for hell.
Intuition sparkles, mascara eyes wide,
My Yin enveloped in Chanel No. 5

Viewing the symbol of unguarded youth,
I fall in love with the boy in the suit.
Ambition unbridled, his eyes on fire,
My Yang presses the button for us to go higher.


On my way up only to later go down,
Another day in the office while his wife's outta town.
This guy likes it rough - handcuffed to the desk,
I haven't met love, but I do know sex.

The Hugo Boss billboard hasn't looked at me once,
He's gotta be gay, or I'm losing my touch.
Maybe he's married but I see no ring,
Perhaps a good little Catholic afraid of sin.

The other guy's weird, with that grin on his face.
A joint no doubt, and a little bit laced?
Or is he in love? - that deluded fool...
He'll someday see it's all untrue.


How poetic of me to dress up for death,
I doubt anyone will notice I've even left.
From the top floor, he fell to his end...
They'll say at my funeral...if anyone's there.

I wish this last ride I could've enjoyed alone,
Or are they just characters in my little show?
Figments of imagination, they are of mine,
Or do I exist only in their crazy minds?

Are they here to stop me from what I'm about to do?
A permanent sunset on a transient view...
Is she whispering "don't", while he's saying "drop"?
I am so fucking scared...I just want it to stop!


Floor 32. The elevator jams.
Time has paused. The future stalled.
When power's restored to the relevant floor,
Revealing once more, behind the door...

Only one inside the entire time,
Three inside one infinite mind.
A mystic, a tranny-whore, a suicidal guy,
All seeking expression in this soul of mine.

I walk out slowly into the light,
A revelation realised within my sight.
Looking into the far reaches of my endless being...
I see it's all One that I AM seeing.