Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Someone Somewhere

As you spread your wings and fly,
over carefully chartered waters.
Collecting hearts with every smile,
An Angel dancing with the mortals.

As you dream of untold glory,
in a realm of your own making.
The boy within the story,
Writes in the man a'waking.

As Life around you swirls,
And the many faces flicker.
Moons in orbit of a world,
Like a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Always know that someone somewhere,
Holds a flame close to their heart.
And if your days should ever dim,
He'll light a torch within the dark.

As the world around you changes,
with every passing season.
Like reflections in a mirror,
transforming without reason.

Don't take the dream too literally,
Every character is You.
When you love your Self completely,
Life shall love you too.

As you manifest your path,
Never looking back at all.
Like the radiating star,
of a masquerading ball.

Always know that someone somewhere,
Holds a flame within their heart.
And if your star should ever die,
He'll light a candle in the dark.

Always know that someone somewhere,
enduring mysteries unsolved,
Holds the key to all of Life,
Within their very soul...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Such Magnificence Once...

Spinning resplendent like a dancing dervish
Blinding the blind with imagined light
I radiate, restore, remind and ravish
I smash throught the peak after reaching the height

Speaking through words several times removed
Giving life to the unsculptured formless
Providing a metaphor, the ice-berg alludes
Making seen the hidden ocean unconscious

Swirling through dreams and divine potential
A landscape of masks disguising one face
Discussing all things - profound, existential
A star from a candle - in eternal haste

The trivial covers what only seems
As pendulums swing through open doorways
Such magnificence once, this Lucid dreams
Such magnificence once, for now and for always