Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goodbye Cool World

A decade of sex for a moment of love
Was I too much or never enough?
Have travelled the world but never found home
The life of the party can still feel alone

A mind full of words...an empty page
Characters crowd a familar stage
Crystals caught in Indra's Net
Blinking, Asking...Are we there yet?

Will I feel there, the sun on my face?
Can I still enjoy this human taste?
Will there be flowers, music and smiles?
Will there be dancing in the aisles?

Will there be sorrow followed by hope?
The triumph of knowing one can cope?
Can I embrace there, another being?
Can I become one with everything?

Ten thousand friends through a revolving door
The face of an angel on a revolting whore
Tears of frustration, unfounded fears
Happiness found in unfolding years

Can I have there what I have lost here?
And can I lose there what I cherish here?
Will there be maybes, and lows and highs?
Will a kiss be as sweet under a starless sky?

Will my heart ache like it does for you here?
Will I kneel at your altar and pray you are near?
Will every colour of the rainbow still exist?
Will I accept every fault or still resist?

In the twinkling of I...a bigger bang
A song transposed...Awaken man
A beautiful fate or catastrophe?
By chance or by choice...Emerge and see.