Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Within this Circle of creation
I invoke my powers of manifestation.
Calling upon the elements 5
I cast this spell and bring it to life.

I connect with Spirit...the realm of the Gods,
My essence Divine...the Goddess and I.
A vibration of the highest kind,
Within my Soul...the infinite sky.

Apollo, Dionysus, Ra and Horus,
Cernunnos, Pan, Hermes, Adonis,
Ganymede, Zeus, Thoth and Eros,
Baphomet, Brahma, Set, Osiris.

Awaken Gods! from centuries of sleep
Arising Yang from a slumber in deep
Shooting forth out of the collective mind
I radiate, infiltrate, empower and shine.

Artemis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Athena,
Isis, Selene, Gaia, Demeter,
Lilith, Quan Yin, Kali, Inanna,
Maya, Persephone, Hecate, Diana.

I awaken the Goddess from deep within,
Arise from the realms of mysterious Yin.
Embraced in the womb of dark recess,
Receptive, intuitive, via Moon I express.

I call upon the North, the Will, the Wand, the Fire...
The gateway to my heart's desire.
All Space is Here...All Time is Now.
Hail and Welcome Guardians of this Quarter -
From Archangel Michael to the flaming Salamander.
Shapeshifting to Fox, Lion, and Ram,
Emerging from ashes...the Phoenix I AM.

I call upon the East, the Air, the Sword, the Mind...
The gate that leaves the night behind.
All Space is Here...All Time is Now.
Hail and Welcome Guardians of this Quarter -
Archangel Raphael and the Sylph aeronauter.
Crow, Eagle, Butterfly, Owl,
Masks of the Shaman I'm wearing now.

I call upon the West, Emotion, Water's Flow...
The gateway to the world below.
All Space is Here...All Time is Now.
Hail and Welcome Guardians of this Quarter -
Archangel Gabriel and the Undine of water.
Becoming Snake, Dolphin and Whale,
I'm as much mergirl as I am mermale.

I call upon the South, the Star, the silent Earth...
The portal to my Soul's rebirth.
All Space is Here...All Time is Now.
Hail and Welcome Guardians of this Quarter -
Archangel Uriel and Gnome the grounder.
Turtle, Stag, Bull and Bear,
Their shell, and horns, and skin I wear.

Cosmic Being - The ONE Being many,
We are expressions of yOUR Radiant Might.
Magickal YOUniverse with I's of many,
I share and soar in yOUR Eternal Flight.

To Know, To Will, To Dare...be Silent,
All Chakras open - from red to violet.
As I send out, so returns thrice
This be the rede of the wicca'd and wise.

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust,
I thank all whom hath helped me thus.
As Within...So Without; As Above...So Below,
As I release all, so too I go...
My intent taking form in a world of show,
A manifestation of an inner glow,
A symbolic realm of all I be,
A planet of mirrors reflecting me.

Awake and Aware...I AM Being
All That Is...I AM seeing
Conscious of...All That which Is
I AM One...with All of This.

For the good of all with harm to none,
My power's great...this spell be done.

The Circle is open but unbroken
The Circle is open but unbroken
The Circle is open but unbroken

So Mote It Be
So Blessed Be.


Written : June 12th/13th, 2007.
~ by : Another (Wicca'd) Point of You : Omnitheus Oneironaut.

*Contains a reworking of 'The Circle Song' - written by Wendy Rule (2006).
Many thanks also to Fiona Horne and Christopher Penczak for their inspiration.


The Silent Zero:

The number or meaning of Zero can be used fundamentally as a symbol for the Unified (YOUnified) Field.

Attributes of Zero/The Unified Field:

Silent, invisible, without beginning or end. It is empty, yet all possibilities exist within it. You cannot divide it in any way, but all things are created from within it. It is all places and no place at the same time. It is pure and in perfect balance. It is absent of all matter. It is invincible, infinite, yet extremely simple.

Yet Zero also stands for no-thing. The void and infinity, everything and nothing are two sides of the same coin. The void is seen as nothing, yet in that void exists all possibilities at one time. As soon as something comes into being, all other possibilities fall away. The void is zero. 'All possibilities' is very close to infinite. Zero and Infinity are paradoxically equal and opposite. They are yin & yang - twin concepts challenging us to expand our understanding of the YOUniverse, ourselves, and The ONE Being many...

Our nature, our very being, is One with this field already. In order to make a conscious connection, we must first be aware that it exists. Awareness is the first step. Then you must get out of the way. You must side-step your mind and its constant chatter and find the silence, the void within you. This is the way to the Unified Field. The human mind has an estimated 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day. By calming your mind, you'd have fewer thoughts and more gaps between those thoughts, and you'll be able to connect with the (Divine) Implicate Order - the Silent Zero more efficiently. You would be able to connect to your spirit world. You would find and enter the unified field, the field of creation, the place where 'God' dwells. It has been said that if prayer is our way of talking to God, then meditation is our means of listening to God talking back to us. And you can easily substitute the term 'God' for one's Higher Self, Universal Spirit, The Tao, Divine Mind, etc.

You enter those silent gaps between your thoughts with your awareness. You step into the null, the void, the gap...via meditation.

0 ~ If you look at our present symbol for the number zero, you would see nothing with a circle drawn around it. There is no way to delineate nothing from what is around it without that line. This makes it a symbol, but it is what's inside that counts. It is what's inside the curved line that you must enter.

Meditation allows the mind to slow down. It helps relinquish the grasp your ego has on your life. Meditation can be your own personal doorway to the YOUnified field. It is the practice of taking time to settle your mind and slow down your thoughts so you are able to slip into the gaps between your thoughts - for it is here where the true power of life exists.

Meditation is not something you can learn about, it is something you must do. You must try it for yourself & experience it to understand its benefits.

You can use a mantra or a sound. By repeating it over and over, it helps keep the mind from wandering. Gently bring your awareness to the silence, to the empty space between your thoughts. Some find that reciting a favourite poem, stanza or saying works for them. As you concentrate on each word, visualize the words in your mind. Then guide your awareness between the words - to the space IN BETWEEN them. This is where the silence is; this is where the Unified Field is. You simply slip into the gap between words and thoughts. It is here you will find the womb of creation - a no-place & no-time of infinite potential and unlimited possibility...

There are many things that nothingness is not. In fact, all that has substance & form is no longer nothingness; it is no longer at zero state. Zero just is. Zero IS...as The Divine IS...as you ARE...and I AM. This is the core of our very being. And it is worth connecting to regularly.

In Tarot, the Zero Card : The Fool has a lot to teach about having a LIGHThearted attitude, about laughter and about getting out of your own way...(ie - by bypassing the ego and just letting one's Love/Light, Innocence & Trust in the Universe to shine forth...) Meeting one's inner Divine Fool can be quite invaluable, educational, transformative and quite the humbling experience. And like the empty, 'worthless' zero, The Fool's magick can turn one into one million (1 into 1 000 000 000), and if need be, a million back into One.

Could You be the 100th Monkey/Human/Fool? Look out for synchronicities, as they invariably...look out for you. Let the Angel Serendipity be your guide. And Coinci-Dance like EVERY-ONE is watching...


On Numerology:

The art & science of Numerology is the system, tradition or belief in a mystical, symbolic or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.

Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as 'pseudomathematics' by most scientists. This is similar to the historical development of astronomy out of astrology, and chemistry from alchemy.

Here's a very brief rundown on the various vibrations of numbers...

Number definitions:

0. Everything and nothing or Absoluteness, the All. Unlimited Potential.

1. Individual. Aggressor. Instigator. Yang.

2. Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.

3. Communication/interaction. Expression. Neutrality.

4. Creation. Foundation. Solidity.

5. Action. Restlessness. Erratic. Chaotic.

6. Reaction/flux. Responsibility. Love. The Home.

7. Thought/consciousness. Introspection. Withdrawal.

8. Power/sacrifice. Finance. Eternity. Prosperity.

9. Humanitarianism. Completion. Endings.

10. Rebirth.

*Master Numbers : 11, 22, 33, 44.

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numerology)

ps(st) - I'll always have a soft spot for Numerology - as it was my first metaphysical love (then I met Astrology...and you could say I've been quite promiscuous ever since - when it comes to 'getting involved with' various belief systems, religions, expressions of spirituality and forms of divination, etc...)


On the Sacredness of Silence:

When I was studying Rosicrucianism, I never shared what I was learning with anyone - not out of fear or anything - but rather, to keep it sacred. I expressed the teachings in my life yes - but I never showed my texts to anyone... Same goes for my Wiccan rituals, the contents of my Book of Shadows or the goings-on of my coven.

But having said that - humanity is the greatest secret society there is - so secret in fact that its own members don't know it exists!

My Wiccan Brethren have a little rede which we abide by:

The Witches' Creed:

"To Know
To Will
To Dare
To Be Silent."

By keeping something silent/sacred, the focused energy/intent is maintained, thus continually imbuing it with more power. There are many more variables at stake, but I think you get the idea - that it's no longer a 'mystery'...if well, it's no longer a mystery!

I also know that you attract into your reality only that which you can handle and which is perfect for you at that time...
If anyone asks me about my beliefs or about something I may know about - then I'll freely share. I don't just blab on about my beliefs though to anyone & everyone. But when it comes to sacred things I've done (rituals etc., with myself or say, with my coven, in which we've actually made a pact of silence with each other), then I'll honour that and that will take precedence.

I'm all for sharing but I also believe in the power of silence. Synchronicity is YOU bending your YOUniverse ('YOU' being YOUr Higher Self - or whatever you want to call it). You will only be guided to what is perfect for you at any given time. I AM in deep gratitude for all those who have shared their wisdom with me over the years but I AM also grateful for those who didn't - because at some deep level they knew...that I just wasn't ready for it, or it wasn't part of who I was going to become...

Wisdom is knowing when to shout, when to sing, when to whisper, and when to keep silent. Each is sacred. And each is beautifully necessary. All in their own right time...

I'm a firm believer in the saying "I'm on the side I AM always on...everyONE's"

And as I also believe that WE are The ONE Being many...I can also see that we are ALL right in our own YOUnique ways (in how we perceive our YOUniverse, the world & 'reality'...)

There really is no 'right' or 'wrong' - just YOUnique viewpoints & different perspectives. And to my mind, that just makes The ONE ever more Divine and multidimensional and infinite and unlimited and ONEderful...

There is no 'THE Way', there are only 'ways' (& beware of people who tell you otherwise) - for up the same mountain...there are many paths.

ps(st) - As a paradoxical statement on just how 'secretive' secrets no longer are, and just how sharing humanity really is at heart...take a look at one of the biggest publishing successes of the past few years. Millions across the globe bought it - the book and the DVD; the film has been on TV in many countries; there's a book about the book; the worlds' media have criticised it and questioned its age-old ideas; and even Oprah Winfrey has done a special on it. All this exposure and publicity - and what is this little world-wide phenomenon called? Ironically enough - The Secret...

In my mind - the greater the paradox - the smaller the chasms within the illusion (Maya) of Separation...and the closer we all become...ONE.


A Wiccan Apocalypse?

There is no 'end of days' in Wiccan thought. There is only the belief that what you send out will be returned to you threefold. In some Wiccan traditions there are levels of initiation, but there are no 'Raptures', 'Second Comings', or 'Judgement Days' or what have you. To Pagans, this would be just too limiting, linear and fatalistically 'final', and this would go against the cyclic consciousness that many of us are resonant with. To Wiccans - The God/dess is alive in everyone and everything, thus the empowered 'Messiah/ess' has already arrived - en masse!

Wiccans are in tune with natural cycles - earthly, lunar, solar, planetary, galactic and so on. And as with all cycles, we honour the 'birth', 'death' and 'rebirth' of All Life. Like the various faces of the Triple Goddess - we understand that life consists of the Virginal, pristine state; the nurturing Mother state; and the Wise yet withering Crone state. I put 'birth', 'death' & 'rebirth' in inverted commas because Wiccans also know that these various states of being are merely illusory but to be enjoyed while we're in it - at play in the nature garden of the God/dess.

Most Wiccans I know accept & embrace the concept of reincarnation, and even have a kind of 'heaven' in the afterlife/astral called 'Summerland' (though this is more of an interim place rather than a permanent residence...)

I think the 'end of days' scenario can be looked at in various ways and can be adopted by different belief systems harbouring specific agendas. It's all a matter of perspective. The more fundamentalist or dogmatic may use it as a controlling device by inducing fear & guilt into their believers. Others may use it simply as a marker for a pronounced change in consciousness or awareness. The ending of the Mayan Calendar for example shouldn't be seen as the 'end of the world' but simply, as the 'end of time as we understand it'. It points to a positive transformation of the human species and not necessarily of global catastrophe or planetary chaos (though these too are valid expressions of change...) The Mayan Calender's end is meant to signify an opening into Galactic/Universal consciousness or of a more spiritual/cosmic mindset.


The Wiccan Rede.

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An' ye harm none, do what ye Will.

What ye send forth comes back to thee
So ever mind the law of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet and merry ye part.

Blessed Be.



Something Wicca'd This Way Comes...

After having flirted with nearly every religion & spiritual belief ('coz I'm just a curious soul...fascinated by the worlds' various points of You), it seemed that Wicca to me genuinely embraced, respected and honoured all other spiritual viewpoints; honouring both the Goddess (the Yin aspect of Divine Spirit) & the God (many mainstream religions only acknowledge the masculine aspect); and provides tools (via symbolism & ritual etc.,) for one to consciously create & manifest the reality they desire through the harnessing of Thought, Intention, Words & Action. We 'magickally' create the world around us through Thought, Intent, Words & Action - some people do it unconsciously...Wiccans (amongst others of course) do it consciously.

It seems I've been a Wiccan-in-training all my life. My first love was Numerology, then I progressed to Astrology, Tarot symbolism, everything Ancient Egyptian, Astronomy, Dreams (particularly Lucid Dreaming), Mythology, Philosophy, various cosmologies from numerous ancient traditions (namely the Mayans), Sacred Geometry (which led me to Crop Circles), Quantum Physics, ETs, Transpersonal Psychology (think Carl Jung), Crystal Healing, Runes, Mandalas, etc. Was raised a Catholic but began straying and flirted with Buddhism (Tibetan & Zen), Hinduism, Sufism, Judaism (particularly QBLH), Gnostic Christianity, Rosicrucianism and my favourite - Taoism. I love that Wicca can 'borrow' symbols from other belief systems (understanding that they're just projections from our own subconscious anyway) and utilise them in our own practices. I personally adore & honour Isis - the Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Saint Germain (a theosophical/New Age construct symbolising 'The Wonder Alchemist'), and Kali (the Hindu Creator/Destroyer Goddess). I also deeply respect Lao Tzu, Quan Yin, Buddha and Jesus, amongst many others. And boy, do I love my aliens (or as I'd prefer to call them - our Star Brethren). Being a Witch is all-encompassing and all-embracing...an aspect I love about Wicca! I'm not a Wiccan because of what I do - but because of who I am : All-inclusive.

Wicca and Neo-Paganism are the fastest growing spiritual belief systems in the world right now. One of our 'mottos' is 'All-Embracing' - borrowing symbols and gods & goddesses from various religions. It is not bogged down by 'literalisms' so does not feel the need to stay true to centuries-old, outmoded beliefs. Symbolism (& Archetypal Psychology) is an integral part of Wicca. Everything is open to new interpretations, growth and expansion by acceptance. As the world changes, so too does Wicca. As the world is a reflection of us, so do we adapt...or perish. Out of respect for Mother Gaia/Mother Nature, and Her endlessly ever-changing cycles...we honour and embrace transformation, and forever seek out new avenues of expression...for the The ONE Being many (God/dess)...residing within.

Namaste, "in Lak'ech" & Blessed Be.
Another (Thoroughly Wicca'd) Point of You : OM...

ps(st) - I read once that the 22 lost pages of the Book of Thoth are 'hidden' within the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot - to keep the teachings alive under another guise?

pss(st) - The Great Pagan Horned God - Pan, was the godforce of male virility & power and is the goat-legged god of music, creativity, poetry, nature, animals and sexuality. He is the god of earth, the land, and of life & death, and is often portrayed as somewhat of a trickster or nature spirit - cavorting with nymphs, satyrs, men & women (hence the term 'pansexual').

Pre-dating 'Satan' by several centuries, Pan was an archetypal pagan deity from the tradition of ancient Greek mythology. He was later partially adopted and bastardised by the Roman Catholic Church and later, by the Christians - thus resulting in his (un)christening as Satan (God's unholy nemesis).

Pan's pagan historical worship has absolutely nothing to do with 'the devil', so imagine a Pagan artist trying to defend and explain her images of Pan to a largely Christian population.

This is precisely what happened to the courageously creative & defiantly determined, Australian Wiccan artist : Rosaleen Norton - a controversial, independent thinker; talented painter and an important forerunner of spirituality and the contemporary Witchcraft movement.

"Individuation" ~ R. Norton

*For more on Rosaleen Norton, go to: