Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back In Five Lifetimes

"Back In Five Lifetimes"

It took twenty years and six to pass before I realized I was aimfully walking around a huge storehouse of lost and found antiquities.
At thirteen, I lost my innocence.
At nineteen, I found love - an overwhelming delight in another person which I understand now was only a reflection of what I suddenly remembered in myself.
Whilst still a baby, I lost a father, but in my early twenties, I resurrected timeless memories in the safe, secure arms of a Capricorn lover.
There have been times when I've lost my mind.
There have been times when I've found my heart.
There have been days where I've lost the time.
And there have been nights where I've found a sign...
Falling...Calling...Dissecting an upside-down sky.
What may take five seconds actually is five light years to our mortal, miniscule eyes.
Without question, Immortality resides in the soul.
Without answers and fences - no nonsense responses.
Like light being lost in a liquified hole,
A body's just joints which reacts and reflexes.
If you're unsure and uncertain, on the door of your store,
In gold, bold italics, you will find a sign.
Don't be confused, be slightly bemused,
for it will simply state,
'Sorry, Back In Five Lifetimes'


The Wizard.

Wizard of old, Magician of wonder,
Alchemist of the mind, thought and thunder.
I call upon thee - to release me free,
As above, so below, beside and under.

I remember and recite your ancient incantations,
and re-experience the gorgeous glow of your sunset before the night.

You are not forgotten, oh Keeper of such wisdom,
Father of faith and Caller of Light.

Thank you little wizard residing in my soul,
for my soul bereft of you...
would be a life without a goal.


The Philosopher.

I forget not the Philosopher,
lonely and dedicated,
to his studies of the mighty female psyche.
Free of intimacy, I honour him delicately,
for his willpower, celibacy and unfailing integrity.

What was his mission, what fuelled his drive,
apart from the need to understand his goddess half?
What did he learn, for why did he strive,
Yearning for compassion in a broken heart?

Calm curiosity by cool candle light,
Searching for meaning behind madam moonlight.

I thank the philosopher deep in my soul,
for my soul bereft of you,
would be a life without a goal.


The Soldier.

For my fighting spirit, I remember you blind soldier,
obeying orders from an unseen source.
The pain, the cries, the blood, the tears...
You gave up your life for a nation's cause.

Embroiled in a karma much greater than your own,
Did you not feel like a toy-piece on a big plastic battlefield?
I unwillingly witnessed death first hand by your own,
Will the nightmares someday stop when the scars have all but healed?

Put away your sword, Monsieur
Cast away your shame
I can only feel forgiveness
When you can do the same.

Thank you solemn soldier, so alive within my soul,
for my soul bereft of you,
would be a life without a goal.


The Island Boy.

Somewhere in my specific, an island boy sits
A boy, and a tree, exchanging thoughts and dreams.
Somewhere in the Pacific, an island boy lived
A life so free...Unaffected was he.

Sister present. Twin of past.
Sunlight dances under lids of peace.
Catching universes in floating dust,
Waves of wonder would never cease...
to amaze him, to embrace him,
to overwhelmingly feel and love him.

Jump precious island boy, playing in the surf
of my multi-dimensional, humble soul.
I thank you for that life,
for the hug after the hurt,
for my soul bereft of you,
would be a life without a goal.


The Soprano's Daughter.

Doe-eyed was she - the Soprano's daughter
A Ray of delight in the eyes of her father
Me, a soul, she lived through herself
Far, was the distance of an uncaring mother
So, I remember her hair on my skin
La, we would sing at the touch of her lover
Tea, one night, her father was gone
Doe-eyed and teary, 'Twas the end of her song

Thank you little daddy's girl, humming in my soul,
for my soul bereft of you,
would be a life without a goal.


It took seven days to pass before I found myself once again in my huge storehouse of lost and found antiquities.
What invaluable qualities I lost in the soldier, I have now found in the universally, intense spilling of tears,
over all forms of prejudice, injustice and hate,
confusion and chaos, evil and fear.
The love from a father which I lost in this life,
was found in the heart of a soprano's daughter,
and for every time I lost a lover, I found instant recognition
in the arms of another - in another time, in another place -
within the familiar eyes of a different face.

To know is to heal - To love is to heal
To feel is to know - To heal is to grow

As I rummage through the files of my previous lives,
I can't begin to tell you how much I've learnt.
The emotions I've experienced, the images seen,
Seven pages, seven nights, seven candles burnt.

This epic journey has fulfilled its purpose,
I have nothing more to share or give.
I walk to the door and push it open - for I almost forgot...


Written : 2000 C.E.
By Another Point of You : Omnitheus Oneironaut.


So, am I aware of ALL my INcarnations? Well not in this single, little entity anyway - I think my brain/body would burst with all that information. But I AM aware of hundreds, thousands...every day. I just look around at all the people that cross my path, that walk past me, that I see, that I smile to, talk to, and deal with...that I see on TV, in films and in magazines... And, there go I AM. There I AM (& YOU)...INcarnation. And they're just the ones I can see! Imagine an infinite YOUniverse I AM!

As for the actual idea of reincarnation - It's a concept that's just way too linear for me, for I Be/Live: I AM everyONE that ever has, is, and will ever live on this, and every other planet in the multiverse. I AM all these beings Right Now. I AM not existing 'linearly', but simultaneously.

I AM not 'reincarnating', I AM merely INcarnation - everywhere, in every time, Right Now.

I know that's incredibly all-embracing, infinite, 'eternalistic' and far-reaching...

...but then so too, is The ONE Being...many; The YOUniversALL Spirit within everyONE...

There is no separation...even across timelines or lifetimes (there only SEEMS to be - if that be your choice).

I know all this (almost) directly opposes & contradicts my poem above - and I'll admit, this was a belief (crutch) I held onto faithfully and passionately and with deep reverence for a long time. Then at one point, once I real-eyes-ed I AM ONE with All, this particular belief system just got blown out of the water. I couldn't accept it anymore. It just appeared too 'structured', too limiting and too linear to me. It became too 'small'...


BERESTHIT : The first word of The Torah (Book One of The Bible) is 'Beresthit' - which can be translated as either:

*"In The Beginning God created Heaven and Earth"


*"In His/Her Head, God created Heaven and Earth"

...which just begs the question,

"Are we all a figment of our own ONE imagination?"

Meditating upon it, literally shocked the 'hell' out of me!


Too Add - I wish to eLUCIDate.

In the past I've often wondered if the past-lives I've recalled are in fact my own or if I was merely 'plugging-into' the collective Akashic memory banks.

Personally, I believe BOTH to be the case.

The several past/simultaneous/future lives or incarnations I have recalled...I believe I have, because in one way or another...those incarnations were 'resonant' with the circumstances of my current incarnation's attention. They are 'mine' but not really mine 'exclusively'. For I AM 'sharing' them with All-That-I-AM.

And the wealth of incarnations is truly infinite. Yes, those recalled lives were 'mine' as much as they are everyone else's - for WE are all ONE. So yes, in a sense, I'm tapping into the Global Soul's memory (The Akashic Records)...but am I not an aspect of the Global Soul, the Cosmic Soul, the YOUniversALL Soul? - a holographic 'offshoot' or water drop of the Whole Ocean as well as being the Whole Ocean Itself?

I recall various incarnations because their particular 'lessons' or experiences are similar or beneficial to my present one's growth - and vice versa.

But really, I AM Buddha as well as Bush, Mother Teresa as well as Madonna, Jesus as well as Hitler. Let's not underestimate the full infinite & eternal grandeur and creativity of the Omni-One...that we are...I AM.

Why have many different people been hypnotically regressed to the life of Cleopatra?

Because All is ONE. Everyone is ONE.

If this present expression of The Omni-One for some reason feels the need to recall that particular Cleopatra expression of The Omni-One...for the benefit of some sort of soul-growth...then so shall it be, 'I' will.

A piece of a hologram contains information of and has access to, The Whole.

As does the most miniscule part of our DNA to the Body.

As a waterdrop is what it is, so too is it also the Whole Ocean unto itself...

So too is one person whom s/he is as well as being the Whole YOUniverse ItSelf all-so...

ONE in an infinity of fun ways : I AM.


Like a fractal within a fractal; like a holographic part containing the whole; like our own DNA containing the blueprint for the entire body...so too within you, do you contain the vastness of Eternity & Infinity.

Within you lies the whole of the Akashic Records. Within you lies the great library of the YOUniverse. To 'access' anyone, go to that part within yourself where they reside - that inner reflection of the outer representation...for everyone 'out there' is merely a mirror-image (an outward projection) of an inner aspect of You.

"As Within, So Without."

To understand anybody...look deep inside yourself at that part of You they symbolise...

For, until you know YOU...you will never know the YOUniverse.


Now please, stop me if you've heard this one before...

What goes around, Karma 'round?

We are trapped in maya (the realm of a thousand distractions) by our 'karma' - the universal laws of cause & effect. The goal of the spiritual journey is to achieve (or remember) 'moksha' - or liberation from karma. Karma has been likened to the gravity of Earth - keeping us 'down here' until we become 'Light' enough to be immune to its hold...(& with this statement, I will agree with...but)

Hindus believe we will continue to reincarnate until we have exhausted our karma and so become free of the cycle of birth & death. But here's the funny, little catch. To be free from karma is really a very simple act of realising one thing...That there is no karma! You perpetuate it by believing in it (as is the case with everything!).

The idea of personal karma accrued by personal good & bad actions is part of the illusion of being a separate self. Freedom from karma is simply to see that it never existed. YOU are your own obstruction. Karma is just the natural law that the past creates the future, an impersonal process of life with which we become entangled when we believe ourselves to be separate individuals.

An enlightened master has no personal karma, because s/he knows s/he is not an individual entity. S/he has awoken from the dream of 'maya' - the collective daydream. S/he sees with the One Eye - The 'I' AM. S/he becomes the One Self.

Life continues through the laws of cause & effect, but not because of him and not to him. He has his being beyond such things. He has become Pure Consciousness merely observing 'his' thoughts & actions - & not being sucked into over-identifying with them. You may not be able to change the world but you can always change how you view the world, and this is when, paradoxically, your world will change.

God is not a supreme being, nor a supreme state of being...God is supreme being-ness, simply being!

To awaken from The Dream...You must firstly see that All of it is ONE.


Does one have to be 'bound' by the past?

What if one believes the past (and future) to be merely an illusion?

What if one believes that NOW is all there ever is, was, and ever will be? (Yet simultaneously understanding that everything in the 'Now' is also still an elaborate illusion?)

What if one can forgive themselves for any doubt, fear or guilt over something they may have done in this 'illusory' past?

When does 'karma' have to end?

...in the lifetime after this one, or within the next second?
...or Right Now?

'Who' will decide this?

Could it possibly be You?

Or, will it be a reflection of You?

Could You really be this grand, this powerful, this ONEdrous?

And do all the 'rights' have to cancel out all the 'wrongs' for karma to end?

What if one no longer believes in Duality?

...Only ONEness, Unconditional Love, Infinite Acceptance, The Eternal Now, & Total Beingness?
Could one ever do any harm against another if they understood We are all ONE (merely dreaming of being many)?

What if one knows that 'belief' merely causes one to BE...Live - to BE their belief, and to LIVE their belief?

What if, the entire world is ALREADY 'karmically' pure, and is playing out like a movie for You...waiting for You to simply forgive it, or, to Love it without condition, and accept it as You, as ONE - already perfect, pure, innocent, loving and infinitely compassionate & understanding?

Could YOU be the only one, or the last one left to BECOME Infinite Love?

...and the Grand Play of The World, this imagined 'Construct' around you is just for your benefit, playing along, with baited breath, and waiting...for You to make the conscious choice to BECOME the Unconditional Peace & Love you wish to see?

Could the last great 'test' of this world be up to You?

...for You to pass?

Could YOU be the ONE?

...that everyONE is waiting for?

Could being Karma-free really be so simple and easy?

Could it really be just ONE Choice away?

Only You can decide!

God, I Love You...

'The more I learn, the more I unlearn...'

yOUR Choice : I AM.


"Here's a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished ~ If you're alive, it isn't."
~ Richard Bach.


Another Point of You : OM

But Hopefully...

It's Not My Day...But Hopefully It's My Year.

Standing on a street busking away my heart - I sing my song called 'A.M. Waiting' about the love of my life having something better to do than to be with me that night.
I'm close to tears as I recall the pain, the feelings of inadequacy - it made no sense.
After pouring out my soul on that cold winter's day - all it got me was twenty cents.

With apprehension I broke into 'This Hurting Secret' - a song about being sexually molested at the age of twelve.
The experience left me scared, shattered and feeling dirty.
What was it all worth now? - A dollar thirty.
It's not my day...but hopefully, it's my year.

With tenderness and a solemn beauty that just can't translate into words, I perform 'Still' - a desperate wish to recapture the perfect love that I foolishly gave away.
From the whispering verses to a chorus that builds to a heart-wrenching holler, all I received was a patronising dollar.
All the lessons I've learnt from this life so cruel, so coldly debilitating and curiously strange -
In return all I get is a stranger's loose change.

Being seen has never been a problem.
It's not being heard that is my greatest fear.
It's not my day...but hopefully, it's my year.

I up the tempo with 'Au Revoir Paris' - An explicit number about my mad, three-day sex affair with a French bouncer from Chatelet.
It was wild and fun and outrageously heavenly - Oh my god, five dollars seventy!
I swung my hips so fervently, so passionately that I almost fell.
How does the media rightly put it? Oh that's right - Sex sells.

I offer the secrets of the universe with 'My Tourist Is Your Soul'.
Unravelling and solving the mysteries of our lives.
With lyrics so inspiring and truly heaven-sent,
I look up and see not a single nod from an uninspiring sky.
So I look down to see what my wisdom meant and would you believe...not a single cent.

The sun has long gone, and my voice is soon to follow.
I'm hurting so much - I can't even swallow.
I pack up my earnings - a ten and a five.
That's all it's worth - a day in my life.

I make my way home and pass a busker on the street.
She's singing a song about love being shit.
I give her ten dollars for the tears that I hear.
It may not make her day, but it might make her year.