Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Present Unwanted

Prickles overgrown, overtaking, taking hold
Skin aflame, overbearing, this pain...
Left in wonder, in the dark of cold
Body revolting with a spreading stain

15-minute friends
All smiling from magazines
Lifelong dreams replaced
by something I cannot see

Idol sold out
Exploded reality
Illusions so smirking
Another fatality?

*Can I order the joy sans the sorrow?
Can I have today what I imagine tomorrow?
Can I choose ~ my own addictions?
Can I change ~ unwanted reflections?

This is not what I had planned
a decade ago staring up at the stars
An alternate preview previously had
promised the world, to take me far

Prickles multiplying, subtracting ambition
Adding to fears & doubts in my mind
All of me acting in division
Spelling defeat in record time

Over and out?
Untimely catastrophe?
A close awakening or
Another fatality?

(Repeat *)

I tear away behind the veils
Clawing and peeling away at the walls
Frantically searching for the spirit within
or releasing demons from bleeding halls?

Pretending to be everybody's muse
Passing off all these borrowed words
as something akin to wisdom & truth
when I'm drowning within a flooded world

Let hurting out
Please help me honesty
Free-falling to just
Another fatality?

(Repeat *)

Emotions nil. The lowest ebb.
No tears escape these sleeping eyes
Seeking to smash, through to beyond
To catch a glimpse of a greater I.