Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finis De La Crucifer (2009 Remix)

"Finis De La Crucifer"

To begin with, I shall commence...
with, 'Once upon no-time',
A fairy's tale, humanity's truth,
A rhyme I must divine.
Fear not, I appeal to the Soul within thee,
with permission to bypass the personality.
To live the Now, to understand how,
I offer thou, thine Our-story.

With Adam equalling Intellect,
and Eve - Intuition,
I wish to throw a purer light,
on the story of Creation.
A story of self-empowerment,
NOT evil, fear and judgement.
Of following through our Destiny,
Of fulfilling the original Covenant.

We shall now cross live to a garden called Eden,
where 'a' is for apple - a wisdom forbidden.
Lucifer's serpent (the tail end of God)
is telling our Eve to partake of the fruit:
"Your eyes will be opened, you will be as God,
knowing good and evil - aware and astute.
Here be a choice, your free will, my gift.
To accept will effect an illusory rift,
between you and I, myself and our maker.
Don't succumb to the veils, or be judge and hater.
I shall represent Darkness, by defining the Light.
I'll answer your prayers in the cold of night.
By my very existence, your quest to evolve,
to choose right or wrong, will be yours to make.
I am not to be feared, nor also revered.
I seek to be loved...for Heaven's sake."

Intuition took a chance behind Intellect's back,
despite the impending wrath of the Church's attack.
The two left the Garden, hand in hand,
Head over heels - Eve, and her man.
For Humanity she did what she 'knew' to do.
A deal with the devil - their intentions true.
Heaven's Below.
Heaven's Above.
Every Thing is...An expression of Love.

Write yourself in, 'tis not too late.
Eternity rides on this one decade.
Captain your Soul, rewrite your fate.
Ascend the world with your own crusade.

From Genesis to Revelation,
Open the Veil to realisation.
Free your Self from all delusion,
By transcending all illusion.

Oh my Goddess contained within,
Glittering YOUniverse expressed without.
There is no bigger bang,
Than loving All That...I AM.

On the Eve of yOUR ascent,
I shall meet you at the door,
Where I hereby, wholly crucify...
My Lucifer no more.

Written by : Omnitheus Oneironaut.


Namaste. This 'peace' was born out of my intention to cease condemning (read : crucifying) all that I considered (read : programmed to believe) was seemingly 'evil' in my Self (and by reflected extension - the YOUniverse).

By embracing ALL polarities, an alchemical transmutation takes place. Duality transcended; Unconditional Love experienced. No aspect left disowned or unturned. There is no place left to go for the darkest recesses of your being but to become transposed into a higher octave once you shine the light of your forgiveness & love there. Understanding & Compassion can elevate the darkest world into a higher expression of its self. Through Love : We'll-Come to a Higher Orbit.

On a personal scale, the same applies. Denial, avoidance, condemnation, judgement - all only go to make one's shadow more defined...give more form to it. The moment you can look your shadow in the 'I', take its hand, and genuinely say...'I Love You' ~ in essence, you are proclaiming to all of Life that you are in love with 'All That I AM'.

The greatest gift any shadow can bestow upon you is their ability to 'bring the Light' by defining the Light, by giving it definition. In the old world of Duality, we required this comparison. In the new world of YOUnified ONEness however, we've outgrown this. All perceived 'evils'...no longer excluded but included, embraced, owned and thus healed (once you see through the 'veil', you see through all 'evil' ~ one being an anagram of the other). The external macrocosmic archetype of 'Lucifer' (or Satan) is merely a collective symbol, a projected reflection of our own internal microcosmic shadow - a grave misunderstanding of global proportions.

Once we cease crucifying our own demons, our beautiful planet Earth will cease operating in Duality, thus transposing herself into a higher expression; a higher orbit ~ an ascended vibration of YOUnified YOUniversALL ONEness.

"There is no bigger bang,
There is no brighter star.
There is no greater love,
Than being All That You Are..."

Blessed Be,
Another Point of You : OM...
July the 7th 2009.